charles-ambriano Charles Ambriano Jr., is a furniture maker and cabinetmaker. He is a graduate of North Bennett Street School, concentrating in 18th-century-inspired fine woodworking and furniture design. His formal training has provided him with a rare skill in creating simple yet sophisticated furniture designs, and his authentic handwork demonstrates his fine craftsmanship and passion for the trade. He was recently awarded “Best in Show” at the 2013 Providence Fine Furnishings and Crafts Show.

“Looking back, I can remember the feeling of excitement that overwhelmed me each time I would work alongside my father, whether it was fixing things up around the house, or building a fort in our backyard. My journey began with high school vocational classes where I learned under knowledgeable men of the trade. I continued my education and further developed my skills in this craft when I became one of the youngest men to be accepted into the profound and prestigious program at North Bennet Street School. Here, is where I learned about quality craftsmanship from some of the most inspirational teachers I have ever met. The knowledge and skillset I received provided me with the opportunity to go on and win “Best in Show,” at the Providence Fine Furnishing Show in 2011. My inspiration comes from a combination of modern and 18th century

Currently, I am the owner of my business, CLA Woodworking, and operating out of my shop in Toms River, NJ. I specialize in fine furniture and custom cabinetry. My passion for this trade and attention to detail allows me to provide my customers with unique furnishings for their homes.”